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Gold vs. Diamond – A Jeweller’s Perspective

Are you planning to buy a piece of jewelry, ahead of the festive season? If your answer is yes, you must be contemplating on whether investing in gold ornaments would be a better idea or investing in diamonds. Roughly speaking it totally depends on one’s own perspective and discretion. However, many people still love to take the advice of jewelry store Toronto experts before investing their money on gold or diamond ornaments.

The jewelry store experts having vast years of experience in this field can easily guide clients on whether yellow gold metal would be an ideal investment or a precious stone.

Almost from the beginning of time, artisans and craftsman have made use of gold and diamonds in order to come up with stunning pieces of trinkets. In fact, the beautiful artwork that is done on jewelry usually makes the piece look stunning. However, one thing which must be kept in mind is that diamonds may not be an ideal choice of investment in the highly unstable market.

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Which One to Invest?

No one can deny the fact that diamond is a girl’s best friend. However, if one is having a good idea about the stock market one might have noticed that it’s highly unstable. Jewelry store Toronto knows that when the market remains unstable the price of diamond may see a dip. The case of gold may not be the same. With the huge demand of gold, the price can increase.

Studies have shown that gold is truly a timeless thing. However, with clever advertising skills it becomes hard to say which one would make a great investment. Well, in order to learn which one would be a better investment, it would be better if one take a look at innate value of gold and diamonds. The results have shown that gold always stands the test of time, but the same thing can’t be said for diamonds.

Why Gold Is Better?

Leading jewelers of jewelry store Toronto feels that Gold is precious to every exiting culture. It is one such metal which pervades every class of society. For example, a middle class family can easily buy a small ornament made from gold, just like a wealthy businessman.

Gold is an element that can be found anywhere. Although pure gold is soft, metals are added to it. In fact, gold can be used as a part of security. Also, the price of gold won’t even drop. Gold value can be easily predicted and it will obviously hold greater value than diamonds. This is because the price of diamond is determined by its 4C’s. Once, diamond piece leaves jewelry store Toronto, its value decreases. Only, if one invests in a prized or vintage diamond, it can hold a high value.

Industry players feel that both gold and diamond can form a good investment option. However, if one looks for money value while selling or reselling a piece, it would be better if one invests in gold. This is because gold has to have huge financial value in the near future. So when one sells their old gold ornaments in any jewelry store Toronto they can get huge money. On the other hand, with diamonds one cannot say such. Thus, gold will remain the best investment.