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What’s the Difference Between a Term Loan and a Merchant Cash Advance?

Term loans and merchant cash advance are very much important because these two financing options provide capital to business. Even though these two financial options are indispensible to business, each possesses its sets of pros and cons. You can take advantage of these two financial options from Canada’s cash advance company.

The quest for business finding can be a very difficult process because it is full of confusing jargon and fine print. Some of it is unnecessary and superfluous and the other terms possess exact meaning which is important for you to grasp in order to explore the funding options of your business. You can always seek the help of Canada’s cash advance company in case of any financial issues.

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What is a Term Loan?

Term loans are the small business loans which are offered by the banks for years. Term loans can be obtained from Canada’s cash advance company. Whenever one thinks of a business loan, he or she is thinking about a term loan. Term loans provide straightforward and traditional funding to the small business owners by providing them with a lump sum. The amount is paid off along with an interest and a predetermined fixed amount which is paid on a monthly basis. The term loans provide unique terms. With larger loan amounts, longer repayment terms and lower APRs the term loans are ideal for the small businesses.

Term loans are useful if your business is able to qualify for a term loan. Term loans are considered to be the most difficult type of business loans and certain criteria needs to be met in order to apply for a term loan. You need to be in business for at least 2 years, possess a personal credit score of at least 620 and generate annual revenue of at least $100,000.

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What is Merchant Cash Advance?  

Merchant cash advance is considered to be more of an advance payment and can be obtained from Canada’s cash advance company. The financing organizations which offer merchant cash advances consider the future credit card revenue of your business as assets. The financial organizations are willing to advance the business cash with the promise of a return in the form of the daily credit card revenues. Merchant cash advances can be repaid daily as the financing company intercepts before the credit card revenues reach the bank account.

It is very important to get an idea that the merchant cash advances are one of the most costly business funding options. The rates are usually expressed through decimals known as factor rates which change from 1.14 to 1.18. In order to figure out how expensive the merchant loan advance will be, you need to multiply the factor rate by the amount of money which has been borrowed. Merchant cash advances requirements are not very rigid and you can obtain these advances easily.

You need to be in business for a period of one year, have a personal credit score of 500 and the annual revenue should be around $50,000. Even though merchant cash advances are the most expensive funding options, they are needed because they serve as capital to businesses. You can opt for a merchant cash advance from Canada’s cash advance company. Catch more insights on Financial services and news here!

Advantages of Investing In Silver

No one can deny the fact that gold forms the most precious metals in the world. Many investors are investing on this precious metal. However, another metal which is also grabbing the attention of investors is silver. The demand to invest buy silver bars and silver jewellery is never going to see a decline in the near future. The reason behind it can be too many.

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Buying Silver

 When one is planning to invest in silver it can provide numerous advantages. For instance, when the economic condition of a country is not stable, silver investment can act as a inflation hedge. Investment in silver can seem to be less exciting, still it can be a valuable investment. Hence, when you plan to invest in silver, one should take the help of experts. Are you wondering about the benefits that can be achieved when one buy silver bars? Then take a look below:

Good Asset: Silver is considered to be a hard asset. Not all investments can be a hard asset. However, silver being tangible, it can be easily carried from one place to another. Moreover, it would eliminate the possibility of cyber-crime.

Flexibility: When one plans to look out for silver bars and other bullions, it can be advantageous. Depending on economic circumstances of the country, the precious metal still remains flexible. It can be taken to any other places of the country.

Cheaper: Investing in silver is much cheaper. In fact, the price of silver is just 1/10 the price of gold. Hence, an average investor can easily invest on this metal without breaking their bank. Being a precious investment, one can easily invest on it, in case they can’t invest on gold.

Industrial Use: The high conductivity makes gold suitable for industrial use. For instance, gold is used in hybrid microelectronic manufacturing. Similarly, gold can be used for industrial purpose also. Products, such as machines to coins, batteries to solar panels use some amount of silver. Hence, businesses can easily invest in silver because of its electrical conductivity and reflectivity.

Rising Demand: The global demand for silver bars is continuously rising. In fact, governments of many countries have witnessed a huge demand for this metal. The rising demand can lead to low supply of this metal at some point of time. However, those who would possess the item will be at a beneficial position.

Lower Price: When one plans to invest in silver, one always takes a look into its share value. In comparison to gold, silver’s share value is much less. Hence, investing in this precious metal can be the best choice.


Gold/ Silver Ratio Prefers Silver

 It is important for investors to take a look into the gold-silver ratio. This ratio gives a hint on which metal should be bought. Studies have shown when the ratio is over 70; silver is the most preferred item. Hence, silver could be easily invested for decades. With silver investment performing well over the last few years; going to buy silver bars can be a great choice. Investing in this metal would definitely provide positive returns.

The Most Common Used Office Supplies

Setting up your office might involve a lot of stress. This is because either you are not able to identify the equipment or you do not know what you need. Whenever, you set up an office, you have to think of the office supplies in Toronto. This will help in keeping the business supply running as smoothly as possible. There are some basic office supplies which you need for your office. Some of these are.

Desk Supplies

When you are out shopping for the office supplies for your new office, you need to consider the basics. These are the desk supplies like tape, pens, scissors, paper clips, trash cans, etc. These are the things that you take for granted. They will help you to take notes be it your daily business or something creative.

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If you have a tablet, mobile phone, or a laptop, a desktop will help you to run the business in an easier manner. You will be able to launch marketing campaign right from the hand’s palm. However, if you use any type of proprietary software or perform some kind of advancement task, you will require a computer. Moreover, it can also be used for storing crucial documents and taking a backup of your mobile devices if you are comfortable storing the data in the cloud. You should not leave out the printer and the wireless router as office supplies in Toronto for keeping all the devices connected to the internet.

Software and Apps

Irrespective of the device if you are using, you will need certain software and apps to manage your business and manage the task that is hand. It will enable you to track the customer payments and also the client invoices, maintaining a website, and monitoring a blog. It will also help you to maintain the social website profile.


You will need things for printing and writing. Hence, you have to stock up on the notebooks, paper, and sticky notes in your office as office supplies in Toronto. Also, you need to ensure that the copier and the printer have plenty of ink and toner so that the pages do not stay blank.

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Organization Supplies

You have to keep your things organized. Hence, keep stapler and binder clips at hand. These office supplies in Toronto will help in keeping your various documents and prints together. Add some folder and files to refrain from losing important paperwork.

Stationery Mailing Supplies

When you have to send a mail payment, paychecks, and invoices, you will require something to send it in. Hence, you have to stock up on the envelopes and the postage office supplies in Toronto.

Planning and Time Tracking

The busier you are, the important is the time management for you. If you have a calendar on the mobile phone, it is better to observe things visually in regards to the things that are going on. This is the reason you should buy a planner or a calendar for hanging on the wall. You can keep it on the office desk for tracking all the appointments.

With the help of these office supplies, you will be able to make the office more functional and appealing. Office supplies are used by everybody. Check these amazing tips to save while ordering office supplies next time!

Cute Surprises For the Newborn in Baby Gift Baskets

The birth of a newborn baby is very exciting news for parents as well as for their closed ones. It always calls for celebration. So if you have been invited to celebrate the birth of a newborn boy/girl, you must be planning to buy a present for the little one. Baby gift baskets can be a perfect gift for the newborn. This kind of gift would be highly acknowledged by parents of a newborn.

Gift Baskets

A gift basket can be a great way to show appreciation and love for the person one cares about. In fact, gift baskets are considered to be one of the best gift ideas that one can go for. Moreover, they are available for every age group. Ample choices are present when one considers settling for a gift basket for a baby.

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Gift Baskets for Babies

You must be well aware of the fact that gift baskets are available for all age groups. Hence, you can easily get baby gift baskets from leading gift basket stores. In fact, gifting a gift basket for babies to a new mother can be a great way to show that you care for them. The reason to settle for a gift basket for a newborn over other items is because of the fact that it can include all necessary items which would be useful for the baby.

Wide Variety of Gift Baskets Ideas

If you have decided to settle for a gift basket, you can easily DIY a gift basket on your own. It would help you to add a personal touch to the gift basket and make t look unique. Personalized notes can be easily attached to baby gift baskets. Item which can be includes in a DIY basket are baby clothes and blankets baby diapers, toys, and so on. If you want to show your creativity, you can easily attack colorful ribbons and streamers to the basket.Baby gift baskets

Baby Deluxe Basket: If you know the gender of baby then it’s well and good. Or, else you can easily settle for a deluxe gift basket. It can be perfect gift for a newborn boy or a girl. It can include items like blanket, burp cloth, bib, and baby toiletries.

Toys Basket: Toy baby gift baskets can be a great gift for a newborn child.  Even though they might not be able to play with the toys, but they can easily use it once they grow up. Also, colorful hanging toys can be great option as it can hanged on the top of their cot.

Bath Essential Basket: This kind of basket can be very useful for parents while they bathe their little one. It can include all necessary bathing essentials for the newborn. Items that can be included are towels, baby oil, baby lotion, cream, and many more things.

If you are looking for baby gift baskets, you can easily visit a retail store nearby you. Alternatively, you can also shop online and get it delivered right at the doorstep of your recipient.

Gold vs. Diamond – A Jeweller’s Perspective

Are you planning to buy a piece of jewelry, ahead of the festive season? If your answer is yes, you must be contemplating on whether investing in gold ornaments would be a better idea or investing in diamonds. Roughly speaking it totally depends on one’s own perspective and discretion. However, many people still love to take the advice of jewelry store Toronto experts before investing their money on gold or diamond ornaments.

The jewelry store experts having vast years of experience in this field can easily guide clients on whether yellow gold metal would be an ideal investment or a precious stone.

Almost from the beginning of time, artisans and craftsman have made use of gold and diamonds in order to come up with stunning pieces of trinkets. In fact, the beautiful artwork that is done on jewelry usually makes the piece look stunning. However, one thing which must be kept in mind is that diamonds may not be an ideal choice of investment in the highly unstable market.

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Which One to Invest?

No one can deny the fact that diamond is a girl’s best friend. However, if one is having a good idea about the stock market one might have noticed that it’s highly unstable. Jewelry store Toronto knows that when the market remains unstable the price of diamond may see a dip. The case of gold may not be the same. With the huge demand of gold, the price can increase.

Studies have shown that gold is truly a timeless thing. However, with clever advertising skills it becomes hard to say which one would make a great investment. Well, in order to learn which one would be a better investment, it would be better if one take a look at innate value of gold and diamonds. The results have shown that gold always stands the test of time, but the same thing can’t be said for diamonds.

Why Gold Is Better?

Leading jewelers of jewelry store Toronto feels that Gold is precious to every exiting culture. It is one such metal which pervades every class of society. For example, a middle class family can easily buy a small ornament made from gold, just like a wealthy businessman.

Gold is an element that can be found anywhere. Although pure gold is soft, metals are added to it. In fact, gold can be used as a part of security. Also, the price of gold won’t even drop. Gold value can be easily predicted and it will obviously hold greater value than diamonds. This is because the price of diamond is determined by its 4C’s. Once, diamond piece leaves jewelry store Toronto, its value decreases. Only, if one invests in a prized or vintage diamond, it can hold a high value.

Industry players feel that both gold and diamond can form a good investment option. However, if one looks for money value while selling or reselling a piece, it would be better if one invests in gold. This is because gold has to have huge financial value in the near future. So when one sells their old gold ornaments in any jewelry store Toronto they can get huge money. On the other hand, with diamonds one cannot say such. Thus, gold will remain the best investment.